Our Products


Springboard is a web application development framework that encapsulates the latest technologies and best practices to enable Orbital8 to deliver high quality web applications that are responsive to different web browsing device capabilities.

Security out of the box

Springboard provides a template of software security best practices to enable software developers to deliver web applications that are resilient to the majority of common web attack vectors.

Springboard is an "off-the-shelf" framework developed by Orbital8 to deliver our projects, securely and cost effectively.


SwiftBalance: Aircraft weight and balance software

SwiftBalance is an aircraft weight & balance management system for aircraft fleet operators, charter companies and airlines. SwiftBalance digitally manages aircraft load data sheet certifications, and provides an intuitive interface to manage aircraft loading.

Essential for any pilot's electronic flight bag

Developed in partnership with Five Rings Aerospace, SwiftBalance utilises digital signatures and cryptography to simplify the management of aircraft loading data across multiple aircraft, and multiple aircraft configurations.

Contact us for more information about how you can purchase SwiftBalance for your fleet of aircraft.