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Enterprise Software Development

An enterprise solution that your users will actually want to use?

We deliver software solutions to enable your organisation to get more done. Forget the fancy tech jargon; if it doesn't deliver business value to you, we don't build it. Simple! We use technology to develop solutions that integrate your business data, automate business processes, increase collaboration and improve efficiency to deliver real value for your organisation.

We know a lot of enterprise software can be painful to use; that's why we utilise the very latest technologies to deliver a rich user experience that helps get the job done; which means greater value to you!

Software that works for you

Web Development

One website perfectly designed for desktop, tablet and mobile devices

We develop rich user experiences that enable businesses to reach greater audiences via the web. More than just a plain website, web applications enable your business to interact with users in lots of powerful ways; be it commerce solutions, collaboration portals, online chat systems, ordering/booking systems or something designed for your unique business requirements. Orbital8 have the experience and technical expertise to deliver a solution that will impress your customers and internal stakeholders. Whether your target audience accesses your web application via a computer, tablet or smartphone - our web applications will remain responsive and display in a format optimised for the user's device.

Secure web applications means customer confidence

Unlike many web development companies, we bake security in from the start, and continually review and update our practices. Security is not something that can be simply added at the end of development; which is unfortunately too often the case, putting organisations and their data at risk.

Custom web application specialists

Mobile Apps

Rich mobile apps integrated to your enterprise systems

We develop mobile apps for business. With the significant rise in smartphone ownership, users expect to be able to access services wherever they are. Mobile apps enable your business to engage with its users; whether it is engaging customers with your brand, or empowering a mobile workforce with direct access to enterprise systems, mobile apps are a critical tool for your business.

Integrated mobile apps for the enterprise

Mobile apps integrated with your business's back-end data systems empower your mobile workforce with accurate and timely data. Talk to us about how you can leverage our extensive experience integrating enterprise systems to empower your workforce.

Connect your users with your brand

Mobile apps enable your business to reach a wider audience, engaging them with your brand. Users expect to be able to access your business's services wherever they are. An engaging mobile app delivers your business's services directly to your customers where and when they need them.

Web Application Security

99% of web applications have some form of security vulnerability*

Every day we hear of cyberattacks on businesses and the subsequent damage it causes when sensitive data is leaked. The vast majority of web applications have some form of security vulnerability - and the typical counter-measures taken to protect networks, such as firewalls and intrusion prevention systems often provide little or no protection against the underlying security vulnerability. This is where Orbital8 can help. We are specialists in detecting and securing vulnerabilities in web applications.

Orbital8 can secure your web applications

  • Penetration testing and auditing your existing web applications
  • Patching, correcting security vulnerabilities that may exist
  • Develop applications that protect your data, and deliver it securely over the web
  • Provide web application security awareness training to your staff
* Cenzic Application Vulnerability Trends Report: 2013

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