Mobile App Development

One Powerful App - Many Devices

Orbital8 can build for your organisation one mobile app that can run natively on all of the following phone, tablet and desktop computer platforms:

iPhone, iPad & Mac

Android Devices

Windows 8 Phone, Tablet & PC

Orbital8 is a proud partner of Xamarin and we use their excellent technology, as well as other web-based technologies, to deliver cross platform applications to satisfy our customer's mobile needs.

This allows us to provide you with excellent value for money. You no longer need to treat each of these platforms as a separate development project and maintenance cost.

You will simply have one app that works for all of your users regardless of which device they use. This is increasingly important in a time where employees and customers insist on using their own preferred device where ever they go.

Authorised Xamarin Partner

Official Xamarin Consulting Partner

Xamarin is a highly popular and powerful technology for building apps that can run on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. It has been used by over 500,000 developers worldwide to create successful cross-platform apps such as Rdio and Bosch.

Xamarin allows developers to create mobile apps using the C# programming language and deploy them to different platforms with the exact same features and capabilities as a regular iOS, Android or Windows app.

You do not need to sacrifice on the functionality of your app to get the benefits of one app running everywhere.

On average 75% of the code is common across all platforms, resulting in significant development and maintenance cost savings.

As an authorised Xamarin consulting partner Orbital8 is here to share our experience and empower your organisation with the incredible benefits of cross-platform mobile apps.

Why you should choose Orbital8

Orbital8 is a Melbourne based company that specialises in working with forward thinking organisations to build the mobile capabilities that will power your business for years to come.

Exceptional Customer Service

Many app developers will sell you a car then try and charge you extra for the wheels later.

At Orbital8 we want your project to be a hit and we believe that honesty, collaboration and open communication are essential for any project to be successful.

Serious Enterprise Experience

When building an app that is critical to your business, you need people you can trust.

Orbital8's team have many years experience developing critical systems for industries such as aerospace, health and public safety.

We are the app developers you can trust when dealing with the technology your organisation relies on.

Web Security Specialists

Creating robust and secure apps that protect your data isn't easy. Many developers treat security as an afterthought, or simply don't understand, and that puts you at risk.

Do not leave your app wide open to attack.

We are experienced in building and testing web apps to eliminate security vulnerabilities.

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